WoD San Jose

Last Time...

The group met at Elysium and Nikolai pointed out the Primogen Council as well as some other noteable. The group then chose to speak to Aaron Palmer, Cody Grant, Jessica Niles, Michael Sykes, and Nathaniel Morris. They chose who they wished to be ghouled to, and it was announced to the Kindred present, much to the anger of Victor Jeffries (Heather, his infatuation, is now with Nathaniel, Brian is with Aaron and Peter is with Petra Mykanos.

Jeffries stormed out, and as a way to get back at him the group sold off his little black book to Norman Vickerson for a cool $1.5 million. Later, Peter spoke with Jeffries at his nightclub, and bought off Charles Simms and his debt by turning a desk into solid gold.

The following day, the characters bought a 6 bedroom house with money leftover. Peter got emancipated, simply for ease in buying the house, and with his parents’ blessing. Brian brought up to his mother his werewolfism, and learned that she knew about it, and got upset with her, storming out of the house after packing some of his things. That night they camped in the backyard, the following day they did shopping for the house – Brian made the decision to tell Sarah about his werewolfism, even changing in front of her, and she seemed to take it well, although she isn’t addressing the issue.

Previously on WoD San Jose....

Heather Simms was a new student at school, who befriended and was befriended by Peter Evans, and later became friends with Peter’s friend Brian Lutz. Heather and Peter began dating, while Brian remained single.

Charles Simms, Heather’s father, had been embezzling from his employer, Victor Jeffries. Peter discovered this and spoke with him about it, and Charles said he would stop, but that he had only done it to provide for his daughter.

Victor confronted him the following evening, and Peter made a deal with him, to leave Charles alone – the result of this was the ghouling of Peter, Brian and Heather.

The group learned from Charles about being a ghoul, and started working for Victor at his club. After a month of this, more changes occurred in their lives – they graduated early by passing their GED tests, Brian got himself a college age girlfriend in Sarah Carmichael (and also recently discovered he was a werewolf), and Peter Awakened into a mage, learning from Joseph Hawkins (a fellow ghoul at the nightclub).

Recently it was discovered, via Petra Mykanos and clarified by Nikolai Dragomir that ghouls are able to seek asylum with another vampire if they have particularly abusive masters.

Presently the group waits out the day with Nikolai so that they may meet othe rpotential masters at the Elysium.


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